Sand People showing in the DIESEL Store, Vienna

Wowser, sometimes random greatness happens just like that. 2 days ago, Lisa Köstl, Marketing Director at DIESEL Austria asked us if she could use some of the images of Sand People for the flagship store on Vienna’s high fashion street Kohlmarkt.

That is awsesome.And today we hung them- they look awesome!

There will be 6 of the whole bunch on show, so if you missed you chance to see Sand People at Die Alte Spenglerei, you might as well go check them out NOW!


DIESEL – Wien Kohlmarkt
Kohlmarkt 8-10
(+43) 18 904 191


T-Shirt Campaign for NOT JUST A LABEL

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Just before Sand People hit off, Andreas was asked by Stefan Siegel, founder and CEO of NOT JUST A LABEL comissioned Andreas to shoot the Campaign for their brandnew T-Shirt range. Read the rest of this page »

SAND PEOPLE: Una Burke, Ara Jo, Fflur and George dress up Carmen Solomons

Sand People is a fashion | art photo and film project, shot las year by Andreas in Kolmanskop, Namibia. See all further info on!

Sand People Trailer

Carmen Solomons came to Vienna…

… and Andreas Waldschuetz shot her. In Hotel Urania, one of the few truly weird but cool hotels in Vienna that sports crazy wall papers and a mix of old stuff and 80s glam.

Wanna see more of those pix? Join us on Andreas Waldschuetz facebook page!

Steffi Lamm did the Make-Up, Patrick Glatthaar the hair and Alexandra von Quadt chose the right outfits.

Ny Times – headlines around the web!

Look what we found! (this also led to a overdue update on the press section – please see here)

Großmutter, so lieb und so nett

Oma so lieb, Oma so nett,
ach wenn ich Dich, meine Oma nicht hätt,
wär’s auf der Welt
so traurig und leer,
denn eine Oma wie Dich gibt’s nie mehr.

Ich habe die beste Oma,
die liebste von der Welt,
bei Dir da darf ich alles,
was mir so grad gefällt,
und schimpft dann meine Mutti:
Ach du verwöhnst ihn doch,
dann lächelt Oma zärtlich
und sagt ich darf das doch.

Oma so lieb, Oma so nett …..

In Omas kleinem Zimmer
sitz ich so gern bei ihr.
Sie weiß die schönsten Märchen,
und die erzählt sie mir.
Ich streichle ihre Hände –
und schaut sie mich dann an
und sagt das ist mein Junge,
sag ich ganz leise dann:

Oma so lieb, Oma so nett,
ach wenn ich Dich, meine Oma nicht hätt,
wärs auf der Welt
so traurig und leer,
denn eine Oma wie Dich gibt’s nie mehr

Andreas and Thomas Geierspichler

Major exposure for Andreas as well as Thomas – Orange Ad 2008

To cut a long story short, Andreas and Thomas go way back. Back in the eraly 2000s, Thomas was already pretty much up there when it comes to rocking the world of wheelchair racing, he had participated at the Paralympics in Sydney, won Bronze there for the Marathon, in 2002 at the World Cup in Lille, he won Gold and at the Paralympics in Athens in 2004, he scored not only gold but set a paralympic record.

Please find all details to his carreer at his own website!

When Andreas met him, he couldn’t believe that Thomas wasn’t yet considered a superstar in his own country, Austria. (Europe’s understanding of how much sports and activities can help disabled people to become sucessful sportsmen is close to non-existent) So they teamed up, did some hot photo shoots and became friends. They also started Walk ‘n Roll (the logo was designed by kick ass Graphic Master Richard Wimmer), an in initiative that has set itself the goal to help disabled sports people – check it out and contribute, if you wanna…

Andreas does Fiva Mc

A few months ago, Fiva Mc hooked up with Andreas. She wanted some cool pictures for the cover Art of her Album “Rotwild” and was inspired by Andreas’ “Cildren of the Corn” Story… Some of the pix that came out:

Bigger than DIESEL

Shooting for DIESEL…