The epic adventures of Mrs. & Mr. Bug

This is what it looks like when Mrs. and Mr. Bug go on holiday…Fashion editorial by Andreas Waldschuetz (more…)


Toph is (un)troubled over Tokyo

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Trouble over Tokyo have been pretty out there in the past few weeks. Who “they” are? There is no “they”, really, but there is Toph Taylor, a real brit who is living an expat life in Vienna/Austria. He calls his music Indie-lectro-Angst-Pop and does everything himself, the music, the instruments and the web stuff, which is pretty rad, really. Well, since now things are starting to kick off and Andreas shot this Album Cover, he probably won’t have to do everything himself anymore soon…


Getting cooky in Sherwood Lodge…

“Sherwood Lodge” is an editorial shot in London, highlighting up and coming London fashion talent.  The premises of the editorial is based around an asylum for rejected fashion revolutionaries. The story was shot at a former Old People’s Residence that is now subsidized housing for artists located in London.  (more…)


“I totally dig my job and there is some great projects that I’m working on for clients who understand what I do and who give me a lot of creative freedom. To be working with such clients also gives me the possibility to shoot some stuff that I dream about or that I want to try out – no cash involved. When I have such an idea, I call up some friends – stylists, make-up artists, set-designers, and we sit together, brainstorm and eventually come up with some amazing output that I then translate into imagery .” (A. W.)


nu Shoo

Well, not much to say about this radness. Since we dn’t want all the fashion try-hards in Vienna bring out their debt-ridden plastic, we won’t tell you where Andreas got this, either….

Waldschuetz new shoe

One Photo A Day

FWA Photo

“FWA Photo is an addition to the FWA family and showcases ‘one photo a day’ by worldwide famous photographers. group94 crafted this slick masterpiece of a flash application.”

Andreas “Children of the Corn” Storywas submitted, an YAY!,  added to their site. Pretty amazing, considering pretty much any big photographer has participated here.

Bild 3

DIESEL U-Music 2008

Executed with old post-production pal Markus Kössl, this little teaser Video was done for the austrian part of the DIESEL U-Musi contest in 2008.