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Look what we found! (this also led to a overdue update on the press section – please see here)


Waldschuetz now has his own superduper facebook page!

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The personal/professional network of Andreas is growing and since we have a lot of cool new stories to come out in the next few weeks, we decided to also open a up a communication branch on all-over facebook.

Until now, there is a few photo stories and we post the latest news since we’re on #fb all the time anyways.

Come visit us and tell us directly what you think on

Austrian Fashion Dot Net

ABild 1ustrian Fashion Design has developed a stronger branding for itself in the recent years. Quite a few things are going on and there definately is a need for getting together, conglomerating, organising and getting the stuff out, to an audience as well as local and international media.
One of the platforms that came out of that need is the initiative AustrianFashion.Net, an open platform for communicating austrian fashion designers and their creations beyond the borders of the cute little land that is austria.

Check out Andreas stuff on austrianfashion.

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I is Hasselblad Master

“The Hasselblad Masters Award is the most prestigious awards in the industry, each year celebrating the best in both established and rising photographic talent. Masters Awards are given in recognition of a photographer…” (from website) Sounds pretty swanky and we are even a little proud… What he got it for we cant’t quite remember.


CCA Nomination!

Andreas won a bronze award for his cover of pool Magazine. Tset is titled “Children of the corn” – see all the images here.