Andreas Waldschütz

Andreas Waldschuetz was born and bred in Vienna/Austria, son to a veracious grave digger.

Established on Friday, April 13th, his path was set out to be an interesting one. Having survived adolescence, he soon startet out to explore the world of imagery, partly due to the urgent need to escape the grim reality of every day life in the austrian capital’s slums. Andreas’ dream to conquer images, make them his own, adapt them to a vision he always felt the need to express, he soon took up an old camera, passed down by a long lost relative and started to shoot. As he was at the time part of a less-than-successful hardcore krautrock band, he made his love for the music he was not able to produce himself his major concern and tried to capture what his uneducated young eye was exposed to.

Since he was forced to make a living from early adulthood, he soon lost focus and got sidetracked into various educational stints – first at a cooking school and after proving poor skills, Andreas was trained to become a wholesaler for heavy metals… After graduation and a few years in the glitzy world of event organisation, his admiration for exotic women led him to various extensive trips around the globe and after falling in love with an american female citizen, he was finally led back to the right path. In San Francisco, he discovered film making and scored several gigs as a PA in B-Movie productions – a messy break-up and the lack of appropriate papers led him back to europe after a few years of rock `n roll lifestyle. There, he integrated his learnings into more film making, he took roles as director and focused on strong concepts and on meticulously training his eye.

The vision was strong in him, after realising several short films, commercials and art movies, he mustered up the cash to buy himself the right equipment – a part of which was a digital photo camera. By taking up photography again, he soon realised that Vienna didn’t offer the appropriate model-material and after a short spell in Berlin, Andreas moved on to one of Europe’s creativity hubs, London. There, he met like-minded musicians, artists and people that inspired him which took his output to another level.
His focus since then has been in the fields of art, music and fashion, even though life and the need of a home base led him back to Vienna. Here, Andreas has found a way to realise projects that make his heart beat, a well working network of post-production pros and stylists at hand. He has since taken up projects in Capetown, Paris, Berlin and believes in his vision to make a visual difference.