Meta.Morph by Andreas Waldschuetz for Una Burke

Once again Una Burke, notorious for her incredible leather statue like garments, and Andreas have teamed up to create something beautiful. Remember Sand People? The corsett like and very structural pieces originated from Una Burkes first collection and gained her massive publicity and folks such as Daphne Guiness and Lady Gaga to go all gaga for her designs… So if you are in London on February, 19th, make sure to attend VAUXHALL FASHION SCOUT and see for yourself!

This time Úna, Andreas, Adia and the team began planning the multi-media project titled META.MORPH last December. Amazing Photographer Stefan Sappert was brought onboard when his exceptional skills in the rare and specialised area of Collodion Wet Plate Photography were discovered by Andreas. All paths finally met in Vienna early this year to produce an experimental art film and a series of glass plate photographs featuring Úna’s Autumn-Winter 2011 collection.

And once again, Una will not ceaze to amaze us with her intricate wearable leather sculptures… The recent collection of accessories and armour like body pieces investigates the changes that occur when prosthetic limbs and medical braces are applied to a body.  Here Úna examines the obvious physical alteration in appearance but also the social and mental impact, noticing in particular, the possible depreciation of attention to the identity of the wearer, with the prosthetic becoming such a prominent attribute.

The collaborative project will be launched as part of London Fashion Week at Úna’s ‘Vauxhall Fashion Scout’ Presentation which will be held on Saturday February 19th at the Freemasons Hall from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.  This event will be a synthesized haunting experience, comprising of wet plate images directed and executed by Andreas Waldschütz and Stefan Sappert, installations from Úna’s autumn winter 2011 collection and experimental film scripted by Adia Trischler.




DOWNLOAD IMAGE2 (if you use them in your publication, please make sure you mention the copyrights (c) Andreas Waldschuetz & Stefan Sappert)


Designer Úna Burke
Director Andreas Waldschuetz & Adia Trischler
Cinematography Volkmar Geiblinger
Andreas Waldschuetz
Creative Director Adia Trischler
Story/Script Adia Trischler
Make-up Artist/SFX Make-up/Naildesign Steffi Lamm
Hairstylist/Colorist Patrick Glatthaar
Stylist Adia Trischler
Styling Assistance Asta Krejci-Sebesta
Gaffer/Assistant of Photography Marlena Koenig
Best Boy Thomas Rath
Set Design Andreas Waldschuetz
Production Manager Steffi Lamm
Locationscout Steffi Lamm
Catering Hansi Lamm
Technician Fredi Lamm
Editor Andreas Waldschuetz
Video-&Postproduction Thomas Rath
Digital Imaging & Retouching Christian Friedrich
Sound Design & Music Production Zanshin (Gregor Ladenhauf)
Assistant Sound Design Stefan Trischler
Making-of Volkmar Geiblinger/Marlena Koenig
Head of Photography Andreas Waldschuetz
Collodion Wetplate Photography Stefan Sappert
Cast Kamila Baczyk @ lookmodels international inc.
The Group of 5 Leonhard Lass/Alex Rath/Daniela Zacherl @ AMT Wien
Gregor Ladenhauf/Adia Trischler
THANKS TO: Johanna & Alfred Lamm
Light & Grip Dopplinger
Ernst Dangl Lichtverleih
Filmgeräteverleih Michael Stöger
AHS Heustadelgasse
Spartacus Store
Benedikt von Loebell
Vauxhall Fashion Scout

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