Toph is (un)troubled over Tokyo

toph taylor, trouble over tokyo, portrait, vienna, music, star

Trouble over Tokyo have been pretty out there in the past few weeks. Who “they” are? There is no “they”, really, but there is Toph Taylor, a real brit who is living an expat life in Vienna/Austria. He calls his music Indie-lectro-Angst-Pop and does everything himself, the music, the instruments and the web stuff, which is pretty rad, really. Well, since now things are starting to kick off and Andreas shot this Album Cover, he probably won’t have to do everything himself anymore soon…

cover, shoot, trouble over tokyo, tba, magazine, toph taylor

Check out Trouble over Tokyo’s Website or read the interview in the TBA Magazine (that is if you understand German, of course) AND stay alert and excited for the feature of Toph and Trouble on our haaawt colaboration with Music Is Vienna.


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